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Dear LifeCare Investors

We were tremendously blessed this year and are so thankful that the Lord has allowed us to be a part of His good works. We will see an 800% increase in babies saved this year. That’s 800% more women who will be saved from the long-term psychological and spiritual damage of having an abortion. Thank you Jesus!

In 2019, we will continue to be aggressive in His battle to save the unborn:

Our mobile clinic renovation is close to done. Once we rewrap the outside and train staff, it will be on the road. We expect that it will spend most of its time on the east side with some excursions onto the UT campus. One of our major prayer requests is for a “Mobile Clinic Daddy.” This mobile clinic is a 36 foot long former RV that needs someone to love on it, maintain it, drive it, and keep up with the administrative tasks to keep it on the road. If you know of anyone, please contact us.

We will also open Austin’s first free women’s clinic in late spring where we will provide STD testing, cancer screenings and well woman care. We want every woman in Austin to have a clear alternative to Planned Parenthood so that we can (1) keep unplanned pregnancies from happening by integrating LifeGuard’s sexual risk avoidance program into our clinic operations and (2) if unplanned pregnancies do occur, then those women will visit us to hear about their options instead of visiting Planned Parenthood. Our three-year vision is to have another women’s clinic on the east side with a third on the south side.

Another specific need we have is for recurring monthly givers. Your year-end gifts are wonderful! However, they are also impossible to budget which makes it really difficult to grow. Only about 25% of our giving is recurring. It’s like buying a house only knowing what 25% of your income will be next year. Therefore, if you would consider giving on a monthly basis in addition to your end of the year gift, we would be massively appreciative. We are faithful that the Lord will provide, but we are also prudent in stewarding His resources. We thank the Lord daily that He has put it on our hearts, and yours, to fight for the lives of the 55,000 mothers and babies that will impacted by the tragedy of abortion in Texas this year. God bless you and your families in 2019.

His for Life,

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Lesley & Adelyn

When Lesley found out she was pregnant, it was a shock. She was newly married with a 10 month old and not ready for another baby. Although she doesn’t believe in abortion, Lesley and her husband weren’t sure if they could afford having another child so soon. She found LifeCare through our Google Ad Word advertising and told us it was really important that she get an ultrasound that same day. She really wanted her husband to see it and shared, “Even if the baby was just a little dot on the screen, I wanted him to see that there was a human being growing inside me.” After the ultrasound and talking with their families, they made a decision to keep their baby. Lesley remembers, “I thought my mom would be upset, but she was happy—she’s been my biggest support.”

Sweet little Adelyn Ariana was born Oct. 17, 2018 at 1:40 pm. As Lesley reflected back over her pregnancy she shared, “The pregnancy was tough on me physically, but I got through it and now we have my daughter and we are so happy with her!” Lesley completed all 14 weeks of the Parenting University Prenatal Class and was able to earn a crib as well as use her Reward Points to get brand new baby clothes and diapers.